Parents Please Read, Print, Initial, Sign, Scan and Return.     


Dancers and Parents who do not comply with the Protocols will not be permitted to attend class- NO EXCEPTIONS.


These past few months have been very trying emotionally for the dancers, they still don't know how their school year will look and there are many who don't want to see the studio close down again so please for everyone's sake abide by the measures we have put in place.



Masks are required.


  • Dancers enter and exit the building wearing a mask, masks are to be worn every time a dancer is in the hallway and restroom.

  • Dancer is required to wear a mask entering the studio and when going from studio to studio.

  • Dancer may remove mask for Barre and Center.

  • Dancer will wear a mask for combinations and movement across the floor.

  • Dancers will wear a mask for choreography and dance company.


However one thing we have learnt this past week was that it is increasingly difficult to breathe with a mask on whilst dancing and the homemade ones seemed harder to use than the disposable masks. I have done some research on masks and found that Ballet Rosa have designed an ideal mask for dance, these masks are available in youth and adult sizes, they contour perfectly to the face and the straps that go around the ears can be adjusted.

The Ballet Rosa mask is a combination of Bamboo and cotton which provides both protection and breathability, bamboo is known for its softness, moisture-wicking capabilities as well as antimicrobial properties, this is a double layer mask which has a filter pocket - I have ordered a sample and will keep you posted if this is a better option. 



The lobby is CLOSED meaning parents are not permitted in the lobby at all - the exception is Pre-school and Kindergarten.

Parents we ask you to either mail in payments, call in credit card or set up with Zelle online payments so there is no need for you to enter the facility however should you wish to come in and see Avril you need to set up an appointment to come in but it cannot be whilst there are children present in the building.

Parents cannot enter the studio to pick up their child, they need to wait outside using good social distancing measure wearing masks.


Pre-school / Kindergarten Parents

You will be allocated a place to sit using social distancing whilst your child is in class, you will be required to have your temperature checked,  you will be required to use hand-sanitizer and in addition you will be required to keep your mask on at all times.                           Initialize: ___

Should you need to bring a sibling, they too will need a temperature check, sanitizer and will be required to sit with you the entire time so bring something to keep them occupied, siblings in lobby over 4 are required to wear a mask - babies and are not required to wear masks  - they may not eat/drink in the lobby at all, if you are a parent who feeds the sibling dinner whilst their dancer is in class I will allocate you the eating room however you will be expected to wipe down the table/chairs and microwave when done - you need to reserve this space.



Parents who travel long distances to the studio

We are so grateful to have families who do in fact travel long distances to the studio and during the cold Winter months we certainly do not expect you to sit in your cars so following our rules listed above we are happy to give you a place to wait inside - again this must be reserved.


New Students

You will be required to come in with either mom or dad prior to your first class to familiarize yourself with the building.



Whilst we want to keep everything clean and sanitary we also will watch that we are not exposing your child to harmful chemicals, we will constantly be cleaning door handles, lights, chairs, anything one touches.

Between each class the studio will be sprayed with a non-toxic germ killing spray, the barres will be wiped down with an anti-bacterial wipe.



  • One at a time even if you car-pool (sibling's exception)

  • Wearing a mask the dancer will enter the studio where her temperature will be taken at our sanitizing station.

  • Dancer will then remove her street shoes and place them in a large zip-lock bag (parents please go buy gallon/jumbo zip-lock bags) - no Target or Grocery Store Bags and she will apply hand sanitizer to her hands and wrists.

  • If the dancer does not have a zip-lock bag her shoes will be placed outside the building, dancer will then put on  her dance shoes and go wait on one of our Socially distanced spots outside the studio's to be called into class by the teacher.

  • Dancers zip-lock bag containing her street shoes will be left on a black mat outside the studio.

  • Your dancer should have a second small zip-lock bag that has her cell phone, inhaler, epi-pen , skirt, booty shorts (please send in small travel size hand sanitizers for children who want to use it more regularly during class) and she will be allocated a place 8 feet apart where that will go, at this time the dancer may remove her mask (putting it in the small Ziplock )  until instructed by the teacher to put one on .

  • Pre-school dancers should bring a zip-lock bag for their masks - please note as she is pregnant Miss Jenna will be wearing her mask all the time during pre-school and acro classes.

  • All teachers will wear masks and sanitize their hands when correcting and spotting children.

  • When Class is over dancer will put her mask on prior to exiting the studio and will collect shoes and we ask you to wait outside the building to pick dancer up.

  • For our younger kids when it is dark we are going to ask parents to drive up possibly with the child's name in the window so we can send the child out to the correct car alternatively parents may just need to be present outside the studio exit door ( Exit 1016 --- Entry 1014).



  • As little as possible please, anything that can fit in a zip-lock bag, small easy to eat snacks.

  • At this time no dance bags unless you are having a private lesson.

  • We recognize some children have breaks and eat after school snacks and dinner at the studio - please reserve an allocated space with me, parents who drop off dinner may do so providing they are wearing a mask and don't linger - you can get delivery from Tasty Spin and Fuji Thai but please make sure you tell them to wear a mask or we will not allow them in the studio, your children may go to Subway but will re-sanitize upon their return.

  • Clothing - unless you are coming from school please change at home, please don't bring layers of clothing , I am hoping most parents will consider " Packable Jackets " this winter - I will investigate and see if they are available in Child sizes but whatever you bring needs to go into that zip-lock bag. 




  • Water Fountains are closed ,dancers need to bring a water bottle (pre-school and Kindergarten not necessary) - if bottle is left behind it will be discarded so possibly consider disposable, water will be available at counter for $1.00.

  • Vending Machines are closed - we will look to having snacks available for purchase on Sundays at the counter. 

  • Dressing Rooms are closed- Only students arriving from school may use the dressing room, there the dancer will be allocated a space to change and keep your school bag.

  • Dancers are permitted to have a dance bag left at the studio, the allocated spaces have been clearly marked and are 6 feet apart.

  • Please note we will be spraying the dressing room with the germ killing spray whilst you are in class.



  • Props are typically only used by pre-school but any prop used by children will be sanitized.

  • PBT Equipment - you will be required to rent our balls and yoga mats which will be disinfected properly prior to use.

  • We would prefer dancers to have their own pinky balls though we will have disinfected ones available.

  • As the theraband cannot get wet we request all dancers have their own theraband.  If the dancer forgets their theraband at home we cannot loan therabands any longer.

  • We will not do any massage during class any longer .



  • I have had the good fortune of seeing what my colleagues in other states have been doing and it was very beneficial to setting up my own plan and as I have been doing privates for several weeks I am now confident .

  • All teachers will follow the same temp check , sanitizing etc protocols as the students. 

  • We will teach from behind your child.

  • Should we need to correct ( dancer will be asked to give permission - parents may request no physical corrections in writing ) and then the teacher will smother sanitizer on hands and wrists put on her/his mask and correct from behind .

  • The studio has markings 8 feet apart to keep dancers socially distanced 



If you are not comfortable sending your child back you can request the class be available on zoom. Please note there will be no reduction in fee as it costs to host a zoom account and teacher will have to record every lesson and send in separate corrections.



If you are exposed to Covid-19 we would appreciate you letting us know, we will keep you anonymous but this info must be shared.

If you are exposed you must quarantine for 14 days even if you feel fine and you may request the classes to be zoomed - we will not automatically zoom a class. There are no refunds for missed classes as we have the zoom option.


We are all learning as we go along so we ask for your patience, any suggestions would be welcome. OYT is really working very hard to keep your children safe and we are very grateful for your co-operation.


Thank you

 Miss Louise



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