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Hi Louise,
First, congrats on last night's recital. Very impressive! The girls are improving! Btw, I really like your dress and you looked gorgeous last night!:)

Hello Miss Louise,
I wanted to send you a quick email to thank you and the teachers for making Jadyn and Lily's first year at On Your Toes a positive experience. This whole year and the recital/ performance awards reaffirms that we made the right move by coming to your studio this year. We can't wait to see what the future holds for the girls as they develop as dancers at your studio.

Morning Louise,
I wanted to write you an Email to let you know how delighted and excited my whole family was, to see Stephanie's growth at the recital and performance award yesterday. She worked really hard, but she couldn't have done it without the guidance and help from you and the wonderful teachers at the studio! I feel so fortunate to have found on your toes and expect to see her continuous growth with her peers at the studio!
Thank you again!

Hi,Ms.Louise! Thank you so much for the beautiful recital and Performance Award.We are so proud of Isabella to get gold medal.Thank you for the hard work and caring about our kids.Have a great summer.We will see you soon.


Hi Louise,I hope you are relaxing a bit this week. The recital was beautiful and so much fun. The girls have all grown so much this year and it's because of all of your hard work and the incredible, talented teachers you employ. My family and friends were all so impressed.Thanks!~Mara

Hi Louise,I just wanted to congratulate you on an amazing day of recitals. The girls were so beautiful! It's still seems funny seeing my daughter as an older girl, when it seems like just yesterday that she was one of the little ones. Hopefully you'll get some well deserved rest after the last few weeks.Thanks again for all of your hard work, dedication, and kindness while working with Arielle this year. Michelle

I forgot to mention what a beautiful recital you put on yesterday. And your daughters were fabulous as always. -- Jill


I just wanted to let you know how impressed Jack and I were at the recital on Friday night. Seeing how Mary has grown in the past year is amazing. She has the sparkle in her eye when she is dancing again. I know that you keep saying how hard she works and believe me we see it, but she wants to impress you as well as the teachers.  

I cannot wait to begin again next year.  :)


Dear Ms. Louise,

I know this year dancing for my daughter (Anna Li) is over. I just want to say THANK YOU and all the other teachers who did a great job on teaching and encouraging Anna!

I hope you have a great summer! 
Best Wishes,


OYT had two amazing recitals!  The dancers really worked hard all year to do so well at the Performance Awards. You must be so proud of all your students and teachers.  The choreography was outstanding and all the dancers shone beautifully on stage.


Hi Miss Louise!

First of all, I'd like to thank you for another amazing year Rachel had at On Your Toes.  I was very nervous about her doing performance awards this year, especially remembering how hard the separation from me was a year ago.  However, to my great joy Rachel had amazing time and I was able to watch both of the events from the audience and truly appreciate the great work of all the dancers!

Thanks again for all the hard work you do!

Hope to hear from you soon,


Dear Ms. Louise

Thank you for such an amazing year!  As I watched Nicole and other dancers I was in awe of these girls, how hard they work and how much you inspire each and every one of them. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your hard work, passion, and patience.

Thanks again!

Dear Louise,I just want to thank you for a wonderful experience this weekend and this entire year. I did not know what to expect from dance this year nor did I know what competitions would bring. Izzy has grown tremendously this year--as a dancer, as a responsible person, and as a confident young lady.I have always been amazed by On Your Toes choreography and dance, but to see it side by side next to other performances yesterday, I was blown away. You, Mary, Pasha, Gus and Carrie are true artists and visionaries. You are able to balance the art of dance and the talent of your girls without putting immense pressure on them and bring life to each piece. My husband and I were brought to tears multiple times.I also want you to know that I truly value your accessibility. You have a lot to deal with--the teachers, the children, and usually hardest of all, the parents. I know I email you a lot and have many questions, but you always find time to get back to me and I really appreciate it. You deserve multiple vacations come May and June and I hope you take time for yourself whenever you can before then. Your availability and accessibility is a huge strength of yours and I truly value it and appreciate it.Thanks for an amazing experience.We are amazed!Love,Mara and Alan

Good morning Louise,Thanks again for such a wonderful recital! We were so impressed with Sydney's growth and progress! More importantly, Sydney was very proud of herself, especially after earning her silver with distinction Friday night!Thanks,Elissa

Just a quick note to thank you for an amazing experience today. Ashley loved every minute of her first competition  I was absolutely moved watching the amazing dancers you  your teachers have produced. The ballet is flawless  your taste in music, costume, and style are top notch.We look forward to the next one!

Louise, thank you for such an amazing day. Maggie loved every minute!! The choreography and your dancers are amazing!! Each dance was better then the next!! The hard work and dedication paid off, the girls were beautiful!!!

A Huge THANK YOU Thank you to Louise Taitz, the hostess for Buffalo Grove, Illinois' Dancers Against Cancer show. With the help of Design Dance Company, Inaside Chicago Dance, Northwest Ballet Ensemble, On Your Toes Dance Company, Stevenson High School Dance Company and Zero Gravity Dance Company we raised $9,700 that will be donated to the Colon Cancer Club. What a wonderful and awesome show they had and DAC is so very proud of Louise for raising such a phenomenal amount.Jody Isenhour Dancers Against Cancer

You really made my day!  Thanks so much for taking the time out of your special night to acknowledge my birthday!  Really special.

Congratulations on another night of beautiful dancing. The girls are so fortunate to have the amazing ballet training you provide. You should be so proud of what you've created here. And a bonus for me to watch your daughters dance. Unbelievably lovely!!
Rest well. You still have a busy weekend ahead!


Happy Mother's Day! I hope you are getting much needed rest and enjoying your day with your family.

Isabel and I (the whole family really) are so delighted and grateful to be part of your dance family. Isabel felt welcomed right from the start and has made many new friends. She enjoyed dancing this year and is looking forward to the Recitial, Nationals, and next season. Isabel has learned so much from you and your amazing teachers. Watching all the dances yesterday put tears in my eyes. The quality of choreography and the emotions shown by the dancers makes it a joy to watch.  We are so proud to be part of On Your Toes Academy Of Dance.

Thank you for everything.

Hi Miss Louise,

Thank you so much for the past year's hard work. I really saw Stephanie's growth and the performances over last weekend were just phenomenal. I invited my friend who is also interested in enrolling her daughter and she was very impressed! I know it cannot be done without the hard work from you and all the teachers! You guys are wonderful.




Good morning, 

I wanted to thank you all so so so much for an amazing 2014-2015 dance season. This was Kimani's first year the On Your Toes and she enjoyed it so much, especially having Mrs. Louise as her instructor. Mrs. Louise you are so wonderful with those girls!!! I was fortunate to see first hand how those girls absolutely adore you, and more importantly respect you. To see Kimani's growth throughout the season was really so wonderful!


The Performance Awards and Recital were just so wonderful - all aspects. It was such a great experience. We are looking forward to returning for the 2015-2016 season.

Thank you so so much!


Hi Louise,I just wanted to thank you again for all of the love and support you've given Arielle over the last few weeks. Even though I was only able to stay for part of the morning , what I saw was amazing! Without even looking at the program, it was evident to all around us which numbers you choreographed ! It brought tears to our eyes watching our daughter dance her trio with such confidence, realizing that she started with you when she was three years old. Thanks for all of your dedication and for believing in Arielle.Michelle

Louise,Congratulations on a great competition. The girls were amazing! I just wanted to say thank-you for giving Cydney the opportunity to be a part of dance company. She has learned many valuable lessons such as teamwork, commitment, & accountability from you and your staff. These are lessons that she will take with her no matter what career path she chooses. We are so grateful for your commitment to Cydney and the rest of the dancers at ON YOUR TOES.Cydney has grown so much as a dancer and has become more confident in her abilities. Mindy


What a touching message.

You are so compassionate with these girls.  They really look up to you as their role model.  

We are so fortunate to have the On Your Toes Family in our lives.

Thank you,

Hope you had a wonderful day

Please also send Avril a great big Mother's Day Hug as well as she really deserves it!


Okay great! Brooke will be there.

Also, I wanted to let you know that you all did a wonderful job with the performance awards and the recitals. My family and I enjoyed the entire weekend and we appreciate all of the hard work that you and your staff put in. All of your hard work showed through all of your dancers this weekend. They were outstanding!!!

Thank you,


Thank you for a great program yesterday!  I really enjoyed watching the recital and seeing such talent and creativity!  (especially with your dance company-actually amazing!)

Hi Louise,
Is was an exciting weekend for sure! So much talent and an amazing show!! Thank you so much for teaching Jordyn all that she knows and growing her interest in dancing. Naturally she wants to continue in the fall. :-) what level of ballet would she be and we're also thinking of adding jazz or hip hop. I'm not sure when registration begins, but I want to be ready.
Thanks again!

Hello Louise,

Thank you so much - all girls danced wonderfully and we enjoyed performance yesterday. Thanks to you, I can see the love of dance in each of them - no matter what age or level.

Thank you!


Today was absolutely beautiful. ;I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoy your recitals. I think you are brilliant with the children and respect you so much for what you do with them. I love how you give them the confidence and support that they need. Your children are lucky to have you as their mother, even though they probably don't always think so :) Thank you for always being there for my girls and me.Hope you get plenty of rest tonight, you deserve it!xoxo,Sari

Hi Louise,

I had a lovely afternoon watching all the performances.  It was such a treat to see all the different ages of dances -- just adorable!

Samantha told me last night that this has been the best year she has ever had with dance (I agree!).  I credit this to YOU, Avril, your amazing teachers, your very sweet students (Calli especially), and parents.  I am so impressed with how welcoming everyone was toward Samantha in her first year at OYT, even knowing that she would be leaving.


You should be very proud of your studio!  Thank you for providing Samantha with this year of dance.






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